For the first time in 275 years citizens blocked the reappointment of a judge, Jane Emons


In 2018 Connecticut citizens, for the first time in 275 years, blocked the reappointment of a judge, Jane Emons.  Emons apparently abused her role destroying the lives of many citizens.  A parent aggrieved, paid for the billboard on Route 91. Many citizens protested and wrote to their legislators.  Unfortunately the law has yet to evolve in Connecticut to quickly and easily remove a judge who has a history of abusing their role. Reconfirmation every eight years is too long to wait.  A judge can do a great deal of damage in that time. '

Many people protested against Emons


The Black and Puerto Rican Caucus held a press conference to protest Emons reconfirmation. At least four lawyers testified that Emons' rulings were unethical, including rulings that unethically kept children from parents sometimes for years.  Legislators reported receiving more than 150 letters from parents aggrieved.  One senator stated "very credible letters." In addition, Emons had more complaints lodged against her with the State than any other judge in the history of Connecticut. 

Emons testified implying that she is the victim of anti-antisemitism


Emons' friends came out in force. Several played the race card stating that Emons' detractors were all antisemitic.  Emons is very rich and very powerful which could explain why the four media outlets in Connecticut who covered the February 16, 2018 reconfirmation hearing also reported that Emons was the victim of antisemitism!  Rep. Minnie Gonzales put an end to the baseless "antisemitic" lies stating during the re-nomination that despite the  fact that 20 judges were there for reconfirmation, "I received email after email and all were complaining about you.....I never heard anything against you for your religion or your culture." 

Cleary, Emons was not reconfirmed because of her own bad behavior.