Founder Lee Whitnum was the eight year victim of Lawfare


“When it comes to Israel, some Zionists and Israelist Neoconservatives are nihilistic. In other words, they will employ any means necessary in order to discredit, smear and stop an American candidate who threatens the US funding of Israel.“ Lee Whitnum

Now retired from politics, Whitnum was a former CT Democratic candidate for Governor (2018), Senate (2010) and Congress (2008). She was the victim of Lawfare by pro-Israel zealots. In all, 12 judges and 3 law enforcement agencies unlawfully and unethically did the bidding of the powerful.

Because of her political beliefs, people in the highest levels of power falsely accused politico Lee Whitnum and demanded her arrest and got it - again and again.  They engaged in  Lawfare - the abuse of the legal system. They did this to punish her and smear her for her outspoken political beliefs against the United States funding of Israel and her opposition to the political movement Zionism. When she was exonerated of charges, after more than 40 criminal court appearances, the press, also doing the bidding of the powerful, failed to report it.  

Her nine years of legal hell, opened Whitnum's eyes to flaws of the system and the fact that powerful state employees could so flagrantly run amok and abuse their positions, for powerful private interests, with no fear of repercussion.  Whitnum, a first time offender at 53-years-old at one point found herself facing 14 years in jail for crimes she did not commit!  Most shocking were the judges who did the bidding, unlawfully, of a powerful constituent group.  This is symptomatic of a judicial system with no checks and balances. 

Lee holds a masters degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Education (EdM). She has a BS in computer science from University of Maryland. 


Candidate Lee Whitnum talks about the Lawfare she endured by the powerful due to her outspoken opposition to the United States funding of Israel.

Candidate in action

Candidate  for Congress Lee Whitnum debates Congressman Jim Himes in 2008, and later in a senate debate with Senator Chris Murphy.

Public Life and Activism


Activitsm -

Whitnum protesting and demanding that AIPAC be registered as a representative of a foreign country.   "unlike the AIPAC propaganda talking points to all candidates, the goals of Israel and the United States are NOT 'one in the same.'"  Lee Whitnum



"Our court system should not be a vehicle for the powerful to punish the outspoken for their political beliefs."   Lee Whitnum