...because we need judicial reform.

...because we need judicial reform.


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Our Goals


A Judicial System that Works

FIRE THE CORRUPT and streamline our judiciary.

We are committed to cleaning up the judiciary in the United States.  In some states, there currently exists no statutes to fire corrupt state employees - including bad judges.  In Connecticut, for example,  judges are rubber-stamped in every eight years and so basically they get a job for life, regardless of behavior.  Because there is no recall provision, a predatory or sadistic judge can destroy a lot of lives in eight years.


Litigant Parity Across States

We are here to highlight the discrepancies between states, take the best laws from every established judicial system to the less evolved states because no American should be a victim of a state judicial system that has failed to evolve.  


Let's Clean It Up, Let's Start Today

Our goal is to empower The People to fire dishonest and corrupt judges and state employees who push the boundaries of "judicial discretion." Like you, we want fairness in the court system. Unfortunately, in some states there exist no checks and balances to fire the corrupt. These simple common-sense goals will empower the people and 'retire' those judges and state employees who have pushed their power too far. 

Coming soon "Quest for Litigant Parity" the television show.

The only way to fight injustice is to expose it. Got a story - tell us. But remember, a judicial ruling, no matter how unjust, if based on case law, is a dispute for the Appellate Courts. What we are looking for are stories of the denial of stated rights, lies on the record by judges, enabling criminal behavior, overall bad behavior and other violations of stated rights.

Foundation for Litigant Parity